Let’s cram College Algebra into a 4 week summer course…

Probably not the brightest idea I ever had. But, we shall see.

My college is converting from quarters to semesters so that means we, the students, get shafted. Summer quarter is only 5 weeks long. So, that means our 10 week course is getting crammed together in 5 weeks. Some people think I am crazy for taking this class in 5 weeks but I want it to be over with quick. I don’t want to take college algebra for 18 weeks once we switch to semesters.

My Professor seems super nice. But yesterday was the first day. That might change. Ha!

I probably will not be blogging as much as usual 😦 but I WILL try every moment I get.

If there is any Math Whizzes out there…please feel free to give me any helpful tools or ideas to help me get through this course.  😀

Now, where was I……Oh HOMEWORK! (On the first day!!))

Bye Ya’ll >>Cyber Hugz<<


8 thoughts on “Let’s cram College Algebra into a 4 week summer course…

  1. Eww. I despise math. With. A. Passion. But thank God for calculators and financial experts! I pray that you pass that class with flying colors!

    1. Hehe! Thanks Betty! Right now it seems easy because it is just a review from my MAT 99 class last quarter. Once they start talking about “imaginary” numbers, I might need a intervention. -rofl-

  2. I am math ignorant. BUT, if I had to take a math course,
    it would be for the shortest time possible to get thru it.
    Try to find a math geek…even from the local high school.
    It’s simple to them…I don’t understand how their brains work,
    but they must be wired differently. … don’t understand wiring either.
    I did pass two college level math courses…it can be done.
    Good luck. Let us know how you do.

    ☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine

  3. Good luck! I always felt like profs were more like to “skip” the less important things during summer classes, so hopefully things will go well!

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