Update on Brayden

  Brayden has been a real trooper through this whole experience. He has been stuck more times in the last 3 weeks than I have my whole life.He is the strongest kid I know. Every day seems to get better and better physical wise with him but mentally he is fed up with this place.Continue reading “Update on Brayden”

Power, Love, and a Sound Mind.

Tonight will be the 3rd night we have been in the hospital with our little boy. The doctors say he has pneumonia in his left lung. They say it is very severe. However, we are speaking against this sickness. We know he is already healed, we are just waiting on it to manifest in theContinue reading “Power, Love, and a Sound Mind.”

It’s just another day in paradise.

  I have been slacking. Okay, I lied. I haven’t had anything to write about. My life has just been glorious. I go to school and come home. That’s about it. I sit down at the computer, stalk Facebook, check my dashboard on WordPress, then get off. I’m trying to enjoy these last few weeksContinue reading “It’s just another day in paradise.”

Let’s cram College Algebra into a 4 week summer course…

Probably not the brightest idea I ever had. But, we shall see. My college is converting from quarters to semesters so that means we, the students, get shafted. Summer quarter is only 5 weeks long. So, that means our 10 week course is getting crammed together in 5 weeks. Some people think I am crazyContinue reading “Let’s cram College Algebra into a 4 week summer course…”

One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Day 13: Goals I am currently a student in College working towards my goal. I am going to be a registered nurse.  I have been in school almost a year. I got another year to go. Here is some funny jokes I found to amuse you this morning. Enjoy.  “You Might Be a Nurse If…”Continue reading “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”