W – O – R – K

Happy Sunday Everyone!! Today, I am totally trying to get my house organized and everything in it’s place and all my homework done and all my online quizzes done. Whew that was a mouth full! I start work tomorrow! Work…whoa! Those words haven’t been together in a sentence since 2002! I am completely ecstatic about going to … More W – O – R – K

So, that explains the magical powers.

Results of your Schizophrenia Screening Quiz Please note, this quiz has limited validity. Please interpret the below results cautiously. You scored a total of  0 You have answered this schizophrenia screening in such a way as to suggest that you are not likely currently suffering from schizophrenia or a schizophrenia-related disorder. Because no online test … More So, that explains the magical powers.

Last Minute Foto Friday :-)

Bray wanted to take a picture of me and my new dress! Painted finger and toe nails. Momma’s Boy – No doubt. 😉 Break Dancing! (yes that is candy in the floor, he spilled it and was dancing to clean it up. He is the “excuse” master.) I hope you enjoy your weekend!!

When I get famous..

When I get famous I will…. Tweet random people and surprise them Give random people money Give away free books I have written I will make time for my fans Spread Love and Joy to the less fortunate Make dreams come true Watch out. I will be famous soon.