Meet Spaz! Our first kitty.

Good Morning Bloggers. I’d like to introduce you to Spaz, our new kitten. As you can tell by the look in his eyes, he is going to be a feisty one. Now, I am calling him a him because it is easier for the moment. I can not tell what it is. The first pictureContinue reading “Meet Spaz! Our first kitty.”

Learning 6 new words a week. Happy Saturday Everyone.

I think I’m going to use “Six Word Saturday” as a chance to learn new words. 1. Persnickety (picky) 2. Inventive (crafty) 3. Complacent (content) 4. Efficacy (desiring result) 5. Benevolence (desire to do good to others) 6. Vivacious (spirited)

Love you Bye..

Just a thought…   Do you treat strangers better than you treat your spouse? Do you hold a door open for a elderly lady and not your spouse? When you hang up the phone with your Pastor or whoever, do you tell them to have a fantastic and blessed day and when you speak toContinue reading “Love you Bye..”

Who needs a knight in shining armor..I like mine in turn-out gear.

      Baby I’m Home His pager sounds, he kisses me, then he walks away. In that very moment, my mind goes in disarray. I sit around in the silence & around the phone, I roam. I wait patiently for the text that says, “baby I’m home.” My mind begins to wander, now “isContinue reading “Who needs a knight in shining armor..I like mine in turn-out gear.”

Send a Post-it to your old-self. – Day 10

    Day 10 – Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know. The old me.   If you could write you old-self notes…What would they be?   Previous days Day One – What you know about the truth, will set you free. Day two – Love is, above all, the giftContinue reading “Send a Post-it to your old-self. – Day 10”