…Huh?? What?? ….Oh..

HEY!! I’m still alive. If I wasn’t… yall probably would of known…because I’m so popular and all. 😉 Anyway, Two words for you….BUSY & COLLEGE! Today was my third day and I am already behind. I tried to find a cute quote thingy on Pinterest, to post with this absolutely short post, but I don’tContinue reading “…Huh?? What?? ….Oh..”

Free Book Giveaway! (Stained Glass Hearts By: Patsy Clairmont)

Free Book Giveaway! About the author: Petite, profound, and playful. These words help to describe her size, her message, and her humor. She has a command of God’s word and with her quick wit and fast Patsy Clairmont paced humor she will keep everyone laughing. This light touch combined with scriptural knowledge makes Patsy anContinue reading “Free Book Giveaway! (Stained Glass Hearts By: Patsy Clairmont)”

Have you heard my frog story??!

Repost from May 25,2011 My husband and son thinks that it is funny to chase me with frogs. I don’t understand. Is it because they think it is funny when I drop everything and run like a wild woman? Possibly. But the truth is this, I am not afraid of those little green suckers….I thinkContinue reading “Have you heard my frog story??!”