Free Book Giveaway! (Stained Glass Hearts By: Patsy Clairmont)

Free Book Giveaway!

About the author:

Petite, profound, and playful. These words help to describe her size, her message, and her humor. She has a command of God’s word and with her quick wit and fast Patsy Clairmont paced humor she will keep everyone laughing. This light touch combined with scriptural knowledge makes Patsy an unusual package. You find yourself laughing God’s truths right into your heart.

Patsy comes from an uncommon background. Her years of suffering as a prisoner in her own home, a victim of agoraphobia, have given her a deep appreciation of God’s healing power. God has pulled together the emotionally fragmented pieces of her life. From her emotionally troubled background God has combined her humor and her knowledge of His word to remind you that imperfect, “cracked” Christians are God’s specialty.

Patsy now travels throughout the U.S. providing humor for the heart and hope for the healing. Currently, she is a speaker with the Women of Faith conferences, speaking to tens of thousands of women each month. In her eleven years with Women of Faith she has reached over 3 million women. She has written best selling books cooperatively with the other Women of Faith speakers. The latest is Contagious Joy!

Patsy is also the author of the best-selling books “God Uses Cracked Pots”, “Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer”, “Under His Wings”, “Sportin’ a ‘Tude”, “Tea with Patsy Clairmont”, “It’s About Home; Creating a Place to Cherish”, “I Love Being a Woman” and “Stepping Stones; A Garden Path”, “Mending Your Heart in a Broken World, “The Hat Box”, “The Shoe Box”, ‘I Grew Up Little’ and ‘Pillow Prayers’, ‘All Cracked Up’. She also has written her first book of fiction, “Stardust on My Pillow; Stories to Sleep on”. This book has a companion journal, “Collecting Stardust”. Her latest book is “Dancing Bones, Living Lively in the Valley”.

Patsy is excited to now be a children’s author! The ‘Tales from the Pantry’ series contains five children’s books ‘Meatball’, ‘Soccer’, ‘Stinky’, ‘Spud’ and “Basil and Parsley”.

Patsy has been married to Les for 43 years and they have two sons, Marty and Jason, daughter-in-law Danya, and grandsons, Justin and Noah

(From Patsy’s Website)

Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont (My review)

First off, I have to say I love Patsy. Her tone in this book is fabulous. Her humor and wit is a great aspect to writing a book. She had my attention the whole time. She does not use “big words” that normal people like me can not understand. While reading, it was as if I was sitting on a front porch listening to her telling these stories.

Diving into “Stained Glass Hearts” you get a sense of Patsy opening up and spilling it all out. You can catch the emotion with every sentence. At the end of each chapter she introduces us to “fascinating art that will enrich our mind”, say’s Patsy. How awesome is that? Not only a great book but a tool, opening us up to the world around us!

The two things this book revolves around light and redemption. Patsy says, “Just as light does, redemption brings hope. Really, it’s hard to separate the two, for wherever redemption is, the light of revelation abounds. And when light pierces the darkness, it’s with the proclamation of God’s redeeming love. Redemption is the rescue of humanity from sin by a sacrificial Savior, the restoration of the human heart, the reclamation of our dignity, and the revival of our purpose.”

Like I said earlier, I absolutely love this book. This was my first Patsy Clairmont book, but it will not be my last. This book really inspired me to open my focus on more than the bad things in life. We all will have bad times, but picking up those broken pieces to make something beautiful is what really counts.  Let the light shine through!

This book would be perfect for a Christmas gift!

How to enter the giveaway!

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Giveaway ending date is October 28, 2011

*I do not receive any money for my posts. I do however receive the review products at no charge to evaluate and express my opinion.* This book was provided to me courtesy of Booksneeze, free of charge.

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