Proud as a peacock.

Here I am at the hospital. My daddy is having major back surgery. My mom and I went down to have breakfast and here sat a display of pumpkins. This peacock stood out to me. I am proud as a peacock is what the sign said. Whatever that means. I’ve never seen or talked to a peacock that was proud.

But as for me, I am proud. I am proud to be a child me God. I am proud to be living the Word. I am proud of who I am in Him. I am proud of my life. I am proud to serve the King of kings. He is my keeper, my Father.

I am as vibrant and beautiful as a peacock. Why?

Because it was made by my creator. He makes beautiful things. His spirit is perfect. He is living through me. His spirit lives within me and my spirit is perfect.

I am proud as a peacock.

6 thoughts on “Proud as a peacock.

  1. Peacocks look really proud because they always stand and walk so erect, and spread their feathers to show them off. If only we could all be that way, right? Showing our feathers (great qualities and traits) to the world. I’m glad you’re proud as a peacock. 🙂

    Hope your dad’s surgery and recovery go well!

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