Winner of the “Heaven is For Real” Free Book Giveaway.

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Winner of the “Stained Glass Hearts” Giveaway!

  。★。*。。★。*。。★。*。 CONGRATULATIONS TO  JODI MILLS FOR WINNING THE “STAINED GLASS HEARTS” GIVEAWAY!!! 。★。*。。★。*。。★。*。 Please Email me   A new giveaway will begin Monday, October 31, 2011.

Free Book Giveaway! (Stained Glass Hearts By: Patsy Clairmont)

Free Book Giveaway! About the author: Petite, profound, and playful. These words help to describe her size, her message, and her humor. She has a command of God’s word and with her quick wit and fast Patsy Clairmont paced humor she will keep everyone laughing. This light touch combined with scriptural knowledge makes Patsy anContinue reading “Free Book Giveaway! (Stained Glass Hearts By: Patsy Clairmont)”