Fun times at the hospital

Yesterday a few of the students in Braydens class sent him “Hello” videos. How sweet!! Brayden wanted to make them a video saying “Hi” back. Plus he wanted to show them the dogs that has come to visit him, and a few other pictures.


This is Ziggy.

This is Lucky.

Fun train set in the lobby!

Foam Dog!


4 thoughts on “Fun times at the hospital

  1. How cute! Jade said “Awwweee It’s Bray Bray. Bray Bray much better? His fever go down?” Now she is sitting on the couch saying she wants to come see Bray Bray. I am glad he is doing better. can’t wait for yall to be home.

    1. His fever went from every 6 hours to every 12…so the Infection specialist is watching it more tonight and checking the x-ray and she will be back in the morning. We still do not know a definite time to come home…taking it day by day. All his blood work is coming back down to normal levels which is awesome news. Hopefully once that other antibiotic gets fully out of his system we can come home.

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