When the bottom drops out (Tyndale Book Review)

When the bottom drops out by: Robert Bugh

When the bottom drops out is book that has so much pain and so much joy within it. With each page, you get a picture of what grief of a spouse is all about. He speaks of all the emotions one goes through in this difficult time.

Following his journey through these trails is one reason why I choose this book. I like to read into people’s emotions. While going through a difficult time in my life, I wrote, and now as I sit back and re-read those letters to myself, I am completely amazed how much truth and emotion comes out.

Personally, I do not think God does horrible things to His people. I completely understand why people get mad at God. It is a true emotion. But one thing we have to do is put our feelings aside and remember His promises. He will never leave us nor forsake us..(Even in difficult times)

Robert Bugh says, “When you feel your anger becoming anger toward God, remember that He is big enough to handle it. But then ask yourself, how is it ever helpful or right for a believer to be angry with God? He is all-knowing, loving, and perfect; we are not. So, when you get angry at God–and it will happen; it certainly happened to me–confess your anger, repent of it, and walk into submission.” Robert Bugh 2011 First off, our spirit is perfect. Why? Because he is within us. (Emmanuel – God with us) If we are true believers and He lives within us, we are perfect as well. Now, our flesh isn’t perfect and we must repent and confess of that daily.

I know they is a devourer (Satan) roaming around making horrible things happen to God’s people and God always gets the blame for it. Why do we do that? Because of our flesh. Our spirits must stay strong in Jesus Christ to overcome our fleshly thinking. We have to put the evil spirits under our feet, In Christ Jesus!

I would recommend this book to ones who are trying to overcome grief and hardships but come into it with an open heart. Know who you are in Christ and know all His promises therein.

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