Weight update.

Today I weigh 192! I went to my Mom’s house after church and asked her if she had size 16 jeans that I could try on because tomorrow I am going to buy some shorts that actually fit. Well, she said all she had was 14’s. -sigh- So, first she gave me dress pants. Ladies,Continue reading “Weight update.”

“I’m in shape. Round is a shape… isn’t it?” Weightloss Update

Good Morning Bloggers!! I sure hope everyone is doing just fantastic this morning. I sure am. I woke up and followed through with regular routine. I weighed myself. Woohoo! Some women would not be so happy after getting off the scale. But, as for me, I am excited. Last year if I would of gottenContinue reading ““I’m in shape. Round is a shape… isn’t it?” Weightloss Update”

Day 4 Am I clucking yet?

Day 4 of my Thrive Weightloss On this lifestyle change the first two weeks are the most difficult. You can only eat chicken or fish. “Oh great” I say. I hate fish. I have to eat chicken for the first two weeks then I can have roast, chili, vegetable soup and so on. Am IContinue reading “Day 4 Am I clucking yet?”

Day 3 Jesus Help me!

I found this little cartoon today and thought it was just perfect since today is Sunday. Yes, I got on the scale this morning and No, there hasn’t been a change yet…Well DUH….It’s only been two days. Okay…I’m glad I got that little rant out. Anyway, I got up this morning and had my littleContinue reading “Day 3 Jesus Help me!”

Day 2 on Thrive Weightloss

I don’t know if I can fight the temptations. Like, seriously. I want chocolate….apple pie…and whatever else sounds yummy. Went to Wal-Mart last night and was in the deli getting sliced turkey and right behind me was pecan pies, cookies, and fruit bread. I was like oh my gah…I gotta get out of here. LOL!Continue reading “Day 2 on Thrive Weightloss”