Weekly Photo Challenge – Hot?

This week I figured I would be a little silly. Jenna and I took these pictures a month ago. It was so hot outside and she was determined to get a good picture of us. Well, it was super humid and I was tired of taking pictures and was in a “silly coma.” So, thisContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Hot?”

What?! Bugs do it too. -sigh-

The Ladybug’s a beetle. It’s small like a pea. It’s color is a bright red With lots of spots to see. Although the name is “Ladybug”, Some ladybugs are men! So, why don’t we call them “gentleman bugs” Every now and then? Hehehehehe!!! Buggy Lovin‘ Here is a few of my favorites. I use toContinue reading “What?! Bugs do it too. -sigh-“

Weekly Photo Challenge – Old Fashioned

My Mom and Dad use to be antique collectors and when I was a child, I was amazed with the Carnival¬† glass. As I have gotten older they have passed on some of their antique carnival glass to me. I especially love the blue kind. This is a bowl that I have sitting in myContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Old Fashioned”

Weekly Photo Challenge Sky…works. :-D

I just love photos of fireworks. These were taken at a lower shutter speed. I love the look of them. The Grand Finale. This photo is my favorite. I caught the lightning flash in the background. These was a storm approaching and it held out just for the fireworks. When it was over, the rainContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge Sky…works. :-D”

Weekly Photo Challenge – SKY Letter Perspective

  Can you see it? “Sky” Weekly Photo Challenge I’ve always loved this idea of wall art. And, since sky only contains three letters, I decided to try it. I had to get a little creative on the “k”, My yard doesn’t contain them. Haha! But anyway, I sure hope you enjoy it as muchContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – SKY Letter Perspective”