A Evening in my Garden.

We are so blessed with how our garden is growing. Every evening when I go down to water it and pluck the weeds, I can tell there has been growth. We have small tomatoes growing on every plant. Our banana pepper plants are finally starting to grow. I was worried that the bunnies would eatContinue reading “A Evening in my Garden.”

A month in my Garden.

The above pictures was taken May 8, 2011. The above picture was taken May 22, 2011 The above picture was taken May 31, 2011 I absolutely love gardening! Watching plants grow from seeds  makes me proud. A feeling of accomplishment. A blessing from God, to bless others.  I love it! If you are standing inContinue reading “A month in my Garden.”

30 Day Music Challenge…Starting June 1, 2011..Let’s do this together.

Let’s do this together! Let me know if you are, I wanna check out your challenge. Happy Blogging! Day 01: Your favorite song Day 02: Your least favorite song Day 03: A song that makes you happy Day 04: A song that makes you sad Day 05: A song that reminds you of someone DayContinue reading “30 Day Music Challenge…Starting June 1, 2011..Let’s do this together.”

Day 10 & 11 Want a lil’ laugh today? Of Course!

Day 10: Something I am afraid of…. I absolutely hate bugs. If they get in the house and catch me off guard I turn into a complete sissy. If they are crawling on me, You better close your eyes or run because it depends where they are. In example, if they are on my arm,Continue reading “Day 10 & 11 Want a lil’ laugh today? Of Course!”

Day 4 Am I clucking yet?

Day 4 of my Thrive Weightloss On this lifestyle change the first two weeks are the most difficult. You can only eat chicken or fish. “Oh great” I say. I hate fish. I have to eat chicken for the first two weeks then I can have roast, chili, vegetable soup and so on. Am IContinue reading “Day 4 Am I clucking yet?”