Freedom in Christ.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. I thank my Father for complete freedom. Freedom from bondage. Freedom from deception. Free from sin. Free from condemnation. Free from poverty. Free from fear. Free from any bad thing that will come upon me in my life.   Related Articles: You are a newContinue reading “Freedom in Christ.”

You have the power to donate life!

I have seen and heard a lot of stories while we have been here at this children’s hospital. While me and you are dealing with our own storms there are children going through stuff some of us would not ever imagine. Have you ever thought about being an organ donor? I just signed up. WeContinue reading “You have the power to donate life!”

Just a Firefighters Wife.

Just a firefighter’s Wife I sleep alone at night, so you can sleep with peace of mind… I am the woman sitting alone at the little league game, while you hold your husband’s hand… I sit alone at church so your house is spared from a roaring fire… Yes, I give up my husband toContinue reading “Just a Firefighters Wife.”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows

We just got back from a trip to the Peanut Festival in south Alabama. While we were down there, we stopped by a local Military base and took a tour of their Aviation Museum. The windows make absolutely beautiful light for this picture.

We raised our hands to help Mom’s and Babies.

ABC News and the UN Foundation, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, Baby Center and our world-class partners around the the globe, are launching a first of-its-kind campaign called the Million Moms Challenge. “The Million Moms Challenge is a call-to-action to engage a million Americans with millions of moms overseas to raise awareness about the challenges facing moms andContinue reading “We raised our hands to help Mom’s and Babies.”