Calgon, Take me to JAPAN!

I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. Print directions just in-case you get lost. 🙂 But don’t get them wet in the kayak. Just sayin. Suggested routes 9,682 mi, 36 days 8 hours I-80 W Driving directions to Japan This route has tolls. This route may have road closures. Georgia 1. Head east o towardContinue reading “Calgon, Take me to JAPAN!”

Are you from Yeehaw Junction Florida? -lol-

If you live in a funny named place, do tell. Who are these people who come up with these names?! -lol- Please note: I found this list and thought it was hilarious however, I did not research all these out. So, please do not come to me and tell me that there isn’t a IntercourseContinue reading “Are you from Yeehaw Junction Florida? -lol-“

Live Life Simply – Day 3

Click the image to link back to the beginning and join me Day 3. You’re a biped, walk everywhere. There’s no better way to enjoy the earth than by walking all over it. “I can totally agree with this however, where I live, I will be walking for days. Okay, I am exaggerating some, butContinue reading “Live Life Simply – Day 3”

Day 8: Maybe I just need to get out more.

Day 8: A place I have traveled to. Lets just say, I don’t get out much. I wish I could say that I have traveled to some exotic foreign country, but I can not. However, there is some places in Alabama that we could call “different.” Haha. I live in the south. The only placesContinue reading “Day 8: Maybe I just need to get out more.”