My Funeral Preparations

During my English class I read “The American Way of Death Revisited”, by Jessica Mitford. It got me to thinking about my funeral. After I had my first child, three computers ago, I had typed out my funeral. Every detail was taken care of. So, here I am, taking care of business…again. No, I’m notContinue reading “My Funeral Preparations”

Since I am human, I get angry. -lol-

Day 20: A song that you listen to when you’re angry…. I seriously try not to get angry, and if I do, i try to solve the problem and quickly get over it. But, me being human and all, I do have my moments where I pout and whine. So, When I do participate inContinue reading “Since I am human, I get angry. -lol-“

Day 3 Jesus Help me!

I found this little cartoon today and thought it was just perfect since today is Sunday. Yes, I got on the scale this morning and No, there hasn’t been a change yet…Well DUH….It’s only been two days. Okay…I’m glad I got that little rant out. Anyway, I got up this morning and had my littleContinue reading “Day 3 Jesus Help me!”