W – O – R – K

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Today, I am totally trying to get my house organized and everything in it’s place and all my homework done and all my online quizzes done. Whew that was a mouth full!

I start work tomorrow! Work…whoa! Those words haven’t been together in a sentence since 2002! I am completely ecstatic about going to work tomorrow!

Work Work Work!!

Gimme about a month and I could be blogging about how much I don’t want to work and I want to sleep late. (I doubt it, though)\

I have class at 8am and once class is over it is off to WORK!

My post might start to become few and far between but please do not leave me. I will soon adjust to having multiple things to do and will be back. But every chance I get, I will be checking up on ya’ll!! >>Hugs<<

Remember: Keep God first, Keep living Simply and Keep exercising!




Calgon, Take me to JAPAN!

I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. Print directions just in-case you get lost. :-) But don’t get them wet in the kayak. Just sayin.

Suggested routes

  1. 9,682 mi, 36 days 8 hours
    I-80 W
Driving directions to Japan
This route has tolls.
This route may have road closures.
1. Head east o toward GA-31 N/US-319 N/US-441 N
0.6 mi
2. Turn left onto GA-31 N/US-319 N/US-441 N
23.3 mi
3. Turn left to merge onto I-16 W
50.5 mi
4. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-75 N/Atlanta and merge onto I-75 N

Entering Tennessee
191 mi
5. Take exit 2 on the left to merge onto I-24 W toward Chattanooga/Nashville
6.2 mi
6. Slight left to stay on I-24 W

Passing through Georgia
Entering Tennessee
131 mi
7. Slight right to stay on I-24 W (signs for Clarksville/Louisville/Interstate 65 N)
3.1 mi
8. Merge onto I-65 N
1.8 mi
9. Slight left onto I-24 W (signs for Clarksville/Interstate 24 W)

Passing through Kentucky
Entering Illinois
176 mi
10. Merge onto I-57 N
51.9 mi
11. Slight left onto I-64 W (signs for St Louis)
71.3 mi
12. Merge onto I-70 W

Entering Missouri
2.6 mi
13. Continue onto I-64 W
39.8 mi
14. Continue onto US-40 W/US-61 N
0.5 mi
15. Take the exit onto I-70 W/US-40 W toward Kansas City

Continue to follow I-70 W
201 mi
16. Take exit 8B to merge onto I-435 N toward Des Moines
28.5 mi
17. Merge onto I-29 N

This road is temporarily closed
Entering Iowa
120 mi
18. Take exit 10 for IA-2 toward Sidney/Nebr City

This road is temporarily closed
0.2 mi
19. Turn left onto NE-2 W/IA-2 W

Continue to follow NE-2 W
This road is temporarily closed
Entering Nebraska
53.3 mi
20. Turn left onto E Van Dorn St (signs for US-77/I-80/Nebraska 2/West Van Dorn Street)
1.2 mi
21. Merge onto US-77 N/Homestead Expy via the ramp to I-80
2.5 mi
22. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-80 W and merge onto I-80 W

Passing through Wyoming
Entering Utah
828 mi
23. Slight right onto I-84 W (signs for Ogden)
39.0 mi
24. Merge onto I-15 N
38.7 mi
25. Continue straight onto I-84 W (signs for Boise)

Passing through Idaho
Entering Oregon
515 mi
26. Take exit 179 to merge onto I-82 W toward Umatilla/Kennewick

Entering Washington
142 mi
27. Continue onto US-97 N
1.3 mi
28. Merge onto I-90 W
100.0 mi
29. Take exit 10 to merge onto I-405 N toward Bellevue
3.5 mi
30. Take exit 14 to merge onto WA-520 W toward Seattle
6.0 mi
31. Take the Montlake Blvd exit
0.5 mi
32. Merge onto Montlake Blvd E
0.3 mi
33. Slight left onto NE Pacific St
0.8 mi
34. Continue onto NE Northlake Way
0.1 mi
35. Turn left onto 6th Ave NE
82 ft
36. Turn right onto NE Northlake Way
1.0 mi
37. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean

Entering Hawaii
2,756 mi
38. Continue straight
0.1 mi
39. Turn left onto Kuilima Dr
0.5 mi
40. Take the 3rd right onto HI-83 W
12.4 mi
41. Continue straight onto HI-99 S/Kamehameha Hwy
6.5 mi
42. Slight left onto HI-80 S/Kamehameha Hwy

Continue to follow Kamehameha Hwy
2.1 mi
43. Take the Interstate H-2 S ramp to Honolulu
0.2 mi
44. Merge onto I-H-2 S
7.9 mi
45. Merge onto I-H-1 E
4.7 mi
46. Take exit 13B toward Halawa Hts. Stadium
0.3 mi
47. Merge onto I-H-201 E
4.1 mi
48. Merge onto I-H-1 E
4.1 mi
49. Take exit 23 for Punahou St toward Waikiki/Manoa
0.2 mi
50. Turn right onto Punahou St
0.1 mi
51. Take the 1st right onto S Beretania St
0.1 mi
52. Take the 1st left onto Kalakaua Ave
1.9 mi
53. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean

Entering Japan
3,879 mi
54. Turn left toward 県道275号線
0.4 mi
55. Turn left toward 県道275号線
361 ft
56. Turn left toward 県道275号線
0.2 mi
57. Turn right onto 県道275号線
0.1 mi
58. Turn left onto 国道125号線
499 ft
59. Turn right onto 県道24号線
0.6 mi
60. Turn left at 千束町(交差点) onto 国道354号線
2.0 mi
61. Turn right at 中村陸橋下(交差点) to stay on 国道354号線
1.0 mi
62. Take the ramp to 常磐自動車道

Toll road
0.3 mi
63. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for 東京 and merge onto 常磐自動車道

Toll road
23.8 mi
64. Take exit 三郷JCT toward 三郷出口・外環・松戸・大泉

Toll road
0.3 mi
65. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for 三郷西出口・外環・大泉

Toll road
0.2 mi
66. Take exit 高速三郷IC on the right toward 外環・大泉

Toll road
0.7 mi
67. Merge onto 東京外環自動車道

Toll road
17.3 mi
68. Take exit 高速大泉IC on the right toward 関越道・新潟

Toll road
0.9 mi
69. Merge onto 関越自動車道

Toll road
47.7 mi
70. Take exit 藤岡JCT toward 上信越道・藤岡・長野

Toll road
0.7 mi
71. Merge onto 上信越自動車道

Toll road
54.3 mi
72. Take exit 高速東部湯の丸IC toward 県道81号線

Toll road
384 ft
73. Take exit 東部湯の丸SA on the right toward 東部湯の丸出口

Toll road
0.6 mi
74. Merge onto 県道81号線
1.0 mi
75. Turn right at 常田(交差点) onto 国道18号線
2.4 mi
76. Turn left onto 県道483号線
0.1 mi
77. Turn right to stay on 県道483号線
269 ft
78. Turn right to stay on 県道483号線
0.2 mi
79. Turn left at 大屋駅前(交差点) onto 国道152号線
2.5 mi
80. Turn right at 下丸子(交差点) to stay on 国道152号線
7.3 mi
81. Continue onto 中山道/国道142号線
0.7 mi
82. Slight left at 大和橋(交差点) onto 大門街道/国道152号線
1.7 mi
83. Slight left
0.1 mi
84. Turn left
0.5 mi

Five Question Friday

(Click the image to hop on 5QF)

1. Do you close the bathroom door when you are home alone?

“I absolutely do not close the door when I go potty while home alone. What’s the purpose? What if someone knocks on the door? I have one of those fans in my bathroom and if the door is shut, you can not hear anything.”

2. You have to walk around with a word on your forehead. That word describes you. One word. What is it?

*Ha I love this question* The word on my forehead would be “Rapture”  Just look it up, it is not what you are thinking…or maybe it is. :-)

3. What store do you refuse to shop at and why?

I absolutely refuse to shop at the Ingles in Bremen. Personal reason of course. I like my blood pressure at a stable rate. Just sayin.

4. If you participated in arranged marriages for your child(ren), who would you choose for your child(ren)?

Considering my children are still little, I am going to say how I would want to have their wedding.

Ariel – 8 – She would get married while scuba-diving. Underwater in her dress. Photographs would be beautiful! *She loves anything about the ocean*

Brayden – 4 – He would get married in a garden setting. The brides maids would wear a pretty shade of green and the grooms men would have green ties. A beautiful array of white lilies everywhere. *His favorite color is green* :-D
5. If you could pick how and when you would die, would you?

If I had to choose, I wouldn’t. I would live forever.



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Meet Spaz! Our first kitty.

Good Morning Bloggers. I’d like to introduce you to Spaz, our new kitten. As you can tell by the look in his eyes, he is going to be a feisty one. Now, I am calling him a him because it is easier for the moment. I can not tell what it is. The first picture below shows the modesty of this cat. -lol- Can you tell if it is boxers or panties?

In all honesty, I am looking forward to having a cat around the house. Even though they make me sneeze, I like them. Their personality is better than dogs. I believe they truly are smarter than dogs.

Once this little guy get’s a little bigger he will be going outside. There is tons of frogs for him to play with.

Cat experts out there, “Is this a boy or girl?”

She is in love.

When the kitty grows up, it is going to be a boxer. -lol-

Be afraid, be very afraid.


Rainbow Brite is a faliure – Day 14

Day 14 – A hero that has let you down. (letter)

As a child, I loved Rainbow Brite. I never really got her whole thing on making the world colorful until today. Ha! I know, Right?! Lame. I just loved her because she was pretty and colorful.




  • Today I have learned a lot about this “Wisp” aka “Rainbow Bright.
  • Her horse use to be red until the evil Murky threw him into the Pits, now he is white.
  • They only made 13 episodes.

Which brings me to today’s challenge:


Dear Wisp,

Hello. I call you Wisp because I think it is cooler than “Rainbow Brite” Anyway, the reason for this letter is to complain about your episodes. Why did you not make any more? I am seriously sad about this. Wisp, you are supposed to make my world colorful and happy. I’m not happy right now, Wisp. You have completely let me down. You have let all of your fans down Wisp. Do you even deserve to be called Wisp? I mean it is for cool kids. Are you cool anymore Rainbow Brite? In my eyes, you are a complete failure. How could one girl only make 13 episodes and be so famous? I’m confused Rainbow Brite. Every little girl dreams of riding a white horse with a colorful tail on rainbows and  flower petals. How could you let us down?! Even the Smurfs made a little more of an effort to show they care about there fans. They had a decade of shows, and Smurfs on Ice for Pete’s sake!


Therapy Required now, Thanks RAINBOW BRITE



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