Gift Card Holder Craft Idea

Materials –

One Mason Jar/lid


Gift card

hot glue


distilled water

1/2 tsp dish-washing liquid


1. Take the lid and hot glue the card to it making sure you do not get glue on the magnetic strip. Allow it to dry

2. Hot glue any type of embellishment that is water soluble. Allow it to dry at least 15 minutes. I added ribbon to this one so it can float up, but the ribbon I bought was a little heavier and it wouldn’t float really well.

3. Add glitter and float-able embellishments.

4. Fill with water completely.

5. Add 1/2 teaspoon of dish washing liquid to keep the glitter from clumping together. (can also use glycerin)

6. Place the lid on the jar. It is okay if some water spills over. You do not want air bubbles.

7. Screw lid on tightly.

8. Turn jar over a few times to get the glitter and dish washing liquid mixed up. (the soap bubbles will go away)

9. Add your ribbon and decoration.

10. All done! Perfect and unique gift card giver!

(Do not leave the card in the water for longer than a week. This project is best done the night before the party)

(The original idea came from )

Free Giveaways!


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This is just a short reminder of the “Love and Respect Experience” giveaway that ends tonight. Be sure you get your name on the list to be picked. Check that out here.


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These books would make great Christmas gifts.

91 days and counting!

Yeah, I said Merry Christmas.
I ALWAYS get in the Christmas spirit early.
Last year I had my christmas tree up in September.

I LOVE Christmas! I love sitting in my living room at night with the tree on. Glowing with a peaceful atmosphere makes me all warm and cozy inside.

This year I have decided to get crafty with my presents. I love getting Christmas tree ornaments. It makes me happier if they are Monogrammed.

Here is a few of my ideas. Do you DIY Christmas presents?? Please tell me! :-)

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Source: via Kaaren on Pinterest

This last one, you must click the picture and check it out in full detail! CUTE!!


Don’t forget to share your ideas!!

Gabby, God’s Little Angel

Shared from Shelia Walsh’s Blog (Click to view her blog)

More about Gabby:

“This first book in a delightful new series offers a comforting message for young readers-God loves you very much and is always watching over you!

What little girl wouldn’t love her very own guardian angel? Parents and children alike will be won over by this humorous tale of Gabby, a guardian angel in training who has much to learn about taking care of God’s little ones. Her new assignment is to protect a young girl named Sophie, but Gabby soon realizes that watching after Sophie is a bigger challenge than she had expected! After a close call while riding her pony, Sophie learns what the Bible says about guardian angels: “He will put his angels in charge of you. They will watch over you wherever you go” (Psalm 91:11 ICB).

I set out to develop a new character that young readers would embrace and delight in, and out from my pen and from my heart poured a new series, Gabby, God’s Little Angel. Gabby is an adorable guardian angel in training who finds that she has so much to learn about taking care of God’s children.

I am so passionate about teaching the little angels in your own lives just how much God loves them. I pray that through my new little friend, Gabby, they will discover this truth and rest assured that He is always watching over them!”

I like it dirty…

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6. Wear it twice (or thrice). Apparently, this rule doesn’t apply to underwear.

“I have to admit, I do this. Especially if it is a dress or skirt. I barely wore it! Some of those types of clothes are delicate. Washing them too many times can start to wear the clothes out. As for tee’s,  jeans, underwear, and socks, I wash frequently. ” 

Five Question Friday!

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1. Shoes in the house – yay or nay?
I say this at least twice a day, “Take your shoes off and put them in the shoe closet.”

2. What do you call them- flip flops, slippers, thongs, etc?
*Flipper Floppers*
You can’t do summer unless you have a good pair of flip flops!

3. What song are you almost embarrassed to admit you know all the lyrics to?
ummm……Considering I barely remember where my keys are or where my phone is…Yeah, the words to a stupid song is definitely out of the question.

4. What is the best quality to have in a friend?
One who will tell you straight up and not beat around the bush with the real things in your life and I’d expect the same from them. Also, One who has the same likes and dislikes as me. One who is married, because that does make a difference. Being married, you can’t have a close relationship with one who is single, because that might cause conflict in your marriage. (Personal Experience)

5. Do you know what you want for Christmas?
Yes, Of course!!
1. New Cell Phone
2. Grey/silver New balance running shoes
3. A new watch
4. New purse
5. New jewerly from Charming Charlies (particularly red, silver, and black)
(Hey Mom and Shane, write these down :-D)
Charming Charlie Store!
woman running

My new obsession…RUNNING!

That’s a good thing. Since I have to get up and put the kids on the bus, why not just stay up and go running. It starts my day off fantastic. It is “me” time. It might not be helping my butt get any fuller but it sure is making my waist smaller.

I am down to size 12 jeans now. Woohoo! I don’t think my shirt size will ever get any smaller…well because God blessed me (enough said).

When I get my running shoes on and head out the door I feel like this….


But after I finally get to my running spot and start walking briskly and get into my routine, I immediately feel like this…


So, who said starting the day off with a good run is a bad thing? It really boost my self image and I feel awake and refreshed.

It just takes will power to get up and do something. If you can’t go run because of kids, do something. Run around in circles in your yard. Okay, you will look silly, but who cares. It is all in the mind.