Day 2 on Thrive Weightloss

I don’t know if I can fight the temptations. Like, seriously. I want chocolate….apple pie…and whatever else sounds yummy. Went to Wal-Mart last night and was in the deli getting sliced turkey and right behind me was pecan pies, cookies, and fruit bread. I was like oh my gah…I gotta get out of here. LOL!Continue reading “Day 2 on Thrive Weightloss”

Selective Coloring on Photography

Ok, I understand that some people love the selective coloring on photography, but you must not over do it. It just gets old. Don’t get me wrong, I too am guilty of it. But, in my opinion, as a photographer you must continue to learn and grow….getting past those “amateur looking” photos. The fuzzy borders,Continue reading “Selective Coloring on Photography”

To kill or Not to kill…..

That seems to be the question tonight. So, yesterday I got back my furniture that I loaned my *ex* best friend. Well she is a smoker and I wanted to leave the couch and bed outside under the carport to let it air out since we have had nice weather…..BIG MISTAKE! Remember yesterday I postedContinue reading “To kill or Not to kill…..”