Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows

We just got back from a trip to the Peanut Festival in south Alabama. While we were down there, we stopped by a local Military base and took a tour of their Aviation Museum. The windows make absolutely beautiful light for this picture.

Weekly Photo Challenge Sky…works. :-D

I just love photos of fireworks. These were taken at a lower shutter speed. I love the look of them. The Grand Finale. This photo is my favorite. I caught the lightning flash in the background. These was a storm approaching and it held out just for the fireworks. When it was over, the rainContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge Sky…works. :-D”

Weekly Photo Challenge – SKY Letter Perspective

  Can you see it? “Sky” Weekly Photo Challenge I’ve always loved this idea of wall art. And, since sky only contains three letters, I decided to try it. I had to get a little creative on the “k”, My yard doesn’t contain them. Haha! But anyway, I sure hope you enjoy it as muchContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – SKY Letter Perspective”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Sky

Ooo this topic definitely strikes my interest. Since the weather has been crazy here, I definitely have some sky photos. This is from a storm the other day. I’m sure as the week progresses, my creativity will kick in and I will have another photo to post.  Keep in touch.