Are you from Yeehaw Junction Florida? -lol-

If you live in a funny named place, do tell. Who are these people who come up with these names?! -lol- Please note: I found this list and thought it was hilarious however, I did not research all these out. So, please do not come to me and tell me that there isn’t a IntercourseContinue reading “Are you from Yeehaw Junction Florida? -lol-“

Five Question Friday

(Click the image to hop on 5QF) 1. Do you close the bathroom door when you are home alone? “I absolutely do not close the door when I go potty while home alone. What’s the purpose? What if someone knocks on the door? I have one of those fans in my bathroom and if theContinue reading “Five Question Friday”

Six Word Saturday 2

 Taking this “Six Word Saturday” to learn new words and there meanings along with describing my life around me. 1. redolent – having a pleasant odor 2. cheeky – being rude or disrespectful 3. shrewd – clever, intelligent  4. cordial – friendly, sociable 5. conscientious – thorough, careful 6. vivacious – lively, spirited    RelatedContinue reading “Six Word Saturday 2”

Coffee with Betty?? Of course you want too! *Guest Blog*

Inspiration is what blogging is all about right? Ronald E. Osborn once said, “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”   It is a breath of fresh air to read some blogs. Sometimes, it seems like you are living the same life, and other times youContinue reading “Coffee with Betty?? Of course you want too! *Guest Blog*”