Weekly Photo Challenge Sky…works. :-D

I just love photos of fireworks. These were taken at a lower shutter speed. I love the look of them. The Grand Finale. This photo is my favorite. I caught the lightning flash in the background. These was a storm approaching and it held out just for the fireworks. When it was over, the rainContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge Sky…works. :-D”

Just a few black and whites from this mornings parade.

Kids had a blast today at the parade. It was HOT! At least they were handing out Popsicles and bottle water. Enjoy. Look Left.   Look right!   A bug’s view.     Just a reflection.   Quit blowing your air horn! Geesh!   Roller Skate Tricks   Candy and Popsicle’s!   My little ManContinue reading “Just a few black and whites from this mornings parade.”

And the wind began to twitch…

When I was little, my grandma was completely terrified of storms. We lived in a small trailer and we would always have to go to her house. A long time ago, when we had a hurricane hit Georgia, we went to her house, and was forced to get in the closet. The wind was whipping,Continue reading “And the wind began to twitch…”