A month in my Garden.

The above pictures was taken May 8, 2011. The above picture was taken May 22, 2011 The above picture was taken May 31, 2011 I absolutely love gardening! Watching plants grow from seeds  makes me proud. A feeling of accomplishment. A blessing from God, to bless others.  I love it! If you are standing inContinue reading “A month in my Garden.”

We will NEVER forget!

One Nation Under God by Roger Robicheau One Nation Under God we live Think about all some had to give We the people share freedom’s life In a world of ever present strife Be grateful to those who keep this true Warriors of our red, white, and blue They’re trained by those of great skillContinue reading “We will NEVER forget!”

Day 6: A picture of something that makes me happy

How could one thing make someone happy? In my opinion, I don’t think that there is one. Here is a collage is everything that makes me truly happy.

Peaceful easy feeling…

THE POND Sitting here I know I have greater purpose I await my turn to reach the surface. As the sun breaks thru from a towering tree It pulls me up and sets me free. A whirl of wind sends me high Now I’m a cloud, coming by. I drift slow with wondering aim IContinue reading “Peaceful easy feeling…”