Are you from Yeehaw Junction Florida? -lol-

If you live in a funny named place, do tell. Who are these people who come up with these names?! -lol- Please note: I found this list and thought it was hilarious however, I did not research all these out. So, please do not come to me and tell me that there isn’t a IntercourseContinue reading “Are you from Yeehaw Junction Florida? -lol-“

50 and older texting codes.

I posted this on FB and had just had to share with my blogging buddies. 50 and older? Texting Codes ATD-at the Dr. BFF -best friend fell BTW -bring the wheelchair BYOT -bring your own teeth FWIW -forgot where I was GGPBL -gotta go, pacemaker battery low GHA -got heartburn again IMHO is my hearingContinue reading “50 and older texting codes.”