Day 12 – OMG…Where’s My Phone?!?!

Day 12: Something you don’t leave the house without.. Me – Okay, let me get my phone and we will go…. Me – Where is it? Daughter – I saw Brayden with it. Me – Brayden!! Son – I don’t got it. Me – We can’t leave till I find it. Kids – Let’s goContinue reading “Day 12 – OMG…Where’s My Phone?!?!”

Day 4 Am I clucking yet?

Day 4 of my Thrive Weightloss On this lifestyle change the first two weeks are the most difficult. You can only eat chicken or fish. “Oh great” I say. I hate fish. I have to eat chicken for the first two weeks then I can have roast, chili, vegetable soup and so on. Am IContinue reading “Day 4 Am I clucking yet?”

Eeeeekkkkk!!! FROG!

My husband and son thinks that it is funny to chase me with frogs. I don’t understand. Is it because they think it is funny when I drop everything and run like a wild woman? Possibly. But the truth is this, I am not afraid of those little green suckers….I think that they are kindContinue reading “Eeeeekkkkk!!! FROG!”