Repost about “Halloween”

Good morning guys! I know I haven’t been blogging in a while but life has been excitingly busy, which I will get to that in another post. This morning I would like to touch on the past holiday which is known as Halloween. I have strong feelings about this “holiday.” I am completely against it.Continue reading “Repost about “Halloween””

Just a few black and whites from this mornings parade.

Kids had a blast today at the parade. It was HOT! At least they were handing out Popsicles and bottle water. Enjoy. Look Left.   Look right!   A bug’s view.     Just a reflection.   Quit blowing your air horn! Geesh!   Roller Skate Tricks   Candy and Popsicle’s!   My little ManContinue reading “Just a few black and whites from this mornings parade.”

We will NEVER forget!

One Nation Under God by Roger Robicheau One Nation Under God we live Think about all some had to give We the people share freedom’s life In a world of ever present strife Be grateful to those who keep this true Warriors of our red, white, and blue They’re trained by those of great skillContinue reading “We will NEVER forget!”