Mama’s losing it and a Songversation :-)

Writing Prompts? Where have I been? This is a fabulous idea! While Blog Frog’in I came across this rather interesting Blog. Meet Mama Kat @  Mama’s Losing it!  She has put together a Writers Workshop and once a week she gives Writer prompts and you write about one of the topics she has posted andContinue reading “Mama’s losing it and a Songversation :-)”

50 and older texting codes.

I posted this on FB and had just had to share with my blogging buddies. 50 and older? Texting Codes ATD-at the Dr. BFF -best friend fell BTW -bring the wheelchair BYOT -bring your own teeth FWIW -forgot where I was GGPBL -gotta go, pacemaker battery low GHA -got heartburn again IMHO is my hearingContinue reading “50 and older texting codes.”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Hot?

This week I figured I would be a little silly. Jenna and I took these pictures a month ago. It was so hot outside and she was determined to get a good picture of us. Well, it was super humid and I was tired of taking pictures and was in a “silly coma.” So, thisContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Hot?”