You have the power to donate life!

I have seen and heard a lot of stories while we have been here at this children’s hospital. While me and you are dealing with our own storms there are children going through stuff some of us would not ever imagine. Have you ever thought about being an organ donor? I just signed up. WeContinue reading “You have the power to donate life!”

W – O – R – K

Happy Sunday Everyone!! Today, I am totally trying to get my house organized and everything in it’s place and all my homework done and all my online quizzes done. Whew that was a mouth full! I start work tomorrow! Work…whoa! Those words haven’t been together in a sentence since 2002! I am completely¬†ecstatic¬†about going toContinue reading “W – O – R – K”

There is so much hate…

(Get ready for this rant. I have to get it out)   This is to a best friend I once had who has turned some of my family against me. We were best friends 8th grade, 9th grade, and part of 10th grade, (I think). I loved every minute of it. After you quit schoolContinue reading “There is so much hate…”