How? Why? What if? But…

Do you ever find yourself asking questions like :     How are we going to pay this? How can I make this work? What if .. this happens? What are we going to do?   Here is my questions to you…     Are you born again? Do you have a true relationship withContinue reading “How? Why? What if? But…”

Stronghold Part 6 – The Stronghold of Confusion/Doubt and Unbelief

This list is NOT exhaustive, so you may encounter a stronghold or symptoms that aren’t listed. You can recognize that a stronghold exists when any of the symptoms produced by that spirit are HABITUALLY PRESENT. CONFUSION/DOUBT & UNBELIEF Suspicious Apprehensive Indecisive/Double-minded Skeptical Unsettled Easily Distracted Lack of Commitment No Love of Truth Distorted Judgment CONFUSION,Continue reading “Stronghold Part 6 – The Stronghold of Confusion/Doubt and Unbelief”


…..we all struggle with it on a daily basis. I’ve overheard people saying, “That chocolate is staring at me.” or “That pie is definitely calling my name.” That is a spirit of temptation. Trust me, I never heard green beans calling my name or a zucchini casserole staring at me. There are many things onContinue reading “Temptation..”