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Long overdue weightloss update!

Hey Guys! I know it has been a long time since a weight loss update. Here is a link to a year of weight loss updates. I’m glad to announce that I have reached and went beyond my goal which I am totally ecstatic about! I have to admit it feels pretty good to getContinue reading “Long overdue weightloss update!”

Weight update.

Today I weigh 192! I went to my Mom’s house after church and asked her if she had size 16 jeans that I could try on because tomorrow I am going to buy some shorts that actually fit. Well, she said all she had was 14’s. -sigh- So, first she gave me dress pants. Ladies,Continue reading “Weight update.”

Update on weightloss!

Hello Blogsters! I know I have not updated anything about my weight-loss in a while. However I have still been working at it. We are still on the Thrive Lifestyle. I am not completely 100% on it. I can’t lie. It is hard. But, my husband is doing fantastic on it. He has lost 20Continue reading “Update on weightloss!”