Just when you think…

So, I have to admit, these last few weeks I have completely abandoned this blog. I have been under stresses that I have never had to deal with. Normally, I am in complete control over everything and I can handle almost anything. But these last few weeks the Devil has been trying to steal whatContinue reading “Just when you think…”

Add music to my blog?

Hey guys! I love clicking on a blog and hearing soothing sounds while I read. I want that! Does anyone know how to add music to my WordPress blog and do you have the links to where I can find that sort of widget? Did I forget to mention a free music player? Yes, itContinue reading “Add music to my blog?”

My “Laura Story” Story

As some of you may know, I attended Women of Faith this weekend with my church family. Women of Faith is a group of spiritual women who tell their stories and talk about God’s grace and love. Us, as women, love this sort of thing. (Some of us, I suppose) I love knowing that IContinue reading “My “Laura Story” Story”