I am glad.

Father, I just want to thank you today. Thank you for all of our blessings and the blessings yet to come. Today as I was walking, I began to think of all the wonderful things in my life. You are a magnificent God. You are my hero and savior. You can give me what noContinue reading “I am glad.”

Dear God.

“Thank you Father that the rain has gone. It was beautiful while it lasted. My grass is green now and the air feels so crisp and fresh.Thank you for this day and¬†everything in it. It was nice to get out this morning and run in your country. I love our time together. It is peacefulContinue reading “Dear God.”

Dear God. Thanks for revelation.

Hey Followers! I hope everyone is having a fantastic three day weekend! I have to share what happened today in Church during praise and worship. It really was a¬†revelation. Let me start by saying this, during praise and worship I do my own thing. I do not look around and stare at everyone, I doContinue reading “Dear God. Thanks for revelation.”