…Huh?? What?? ….Oh..

HEY!! I’m still alive. If I wasn’t… yall probably would of known…because I’m so popular and all. 😉 Anyway, Two words for you….BUSY & COLLEGE! Today was my third day and I am already behind. I tried to find a cute quote thingy on Pinterest, to post with this absolutely short post, but I don’tContinue reading “…Huh?? What?? ….Oh..”

I see the light!!

And I’m running for it!! Wow, I got total revelation this morning! So, I’m sitting here figuring out what classes I’m taking this semester and doing some research. I found out that my College offers Occupational courses along with courses needed for my graduation. Which is fantastic! For the last 5 years I have beenContinue reading “I see the light!!”


Isn’t it amazing how God can change things, in a instant! For the past week, I have been praying and praying for God to show me where I need to be. I’ve been asking for answers. Let’s just start from the beginning. A late summer day in 2010, I would take walks around the lakeContinue reading “BAM!”

Chin up, Butter Cup! <3

Good morning Bloggers! Today I start back to class; back to the day to day grind. Psychology bright and early this morning. Truthfully, I am excited about this semester. It’s not math! I have Psychology, Sociology, A&P, and A&P lab. Nothing new has been happening at our household. My nephew has officially became a partContinue reading “Chin up, Butter Cup! <3”