Pregnancy update

Hey guys. Thanks for reading my blog.

Tomorrow I’ll be going into my 25th week of this pregnancy.   It’s been full of highs and lows.  Recently I went to the doctor and she told me I was gaining too much weight. 27 pounds so far. I get it, I totally do. I love  strawberry Fanta or Sunkist, OJ, ice-cream, sugary cereals, Hershey bars, peanut m&ms, etc. Since finding out I was pregnant I have “treated” myself… A lot! Most of you know I’ve been battling my weight for 5 years. I guess I kinda went crazy when those two pink lines appeared. My doctor told me I could only drink water from now on. (sad face) I understand why.  I guess my binge eating days are over.  Laying off all the sugary drinks will drastically help my weight gain. Other than that baby Cali is doing great.  She’s definitely a ninja.  Some nights I wake up at 3am and she is wide awake kicking and moving. I love that feeling.

My other kiddos are so excited. Funny conversation in the car the other day…

Brayden mentioned the baby living in water and he said, “she’s floating in there with her head above the water.” I turned to him and said, “No. The baby is actually in a pouch that is full of liquid. She doesn’t breath air like we do yet.” Ariel said, “She’s a super baby!” Brayden says, “Does she have gills?”

I laughed so hard. This has been so much fun. Everyday Ariel ask if the baby is awake. She’s is going to be such a good second mother. I can’t wait for her to arrive. We are definitely counting down the days.

I love being at home. I’m blessed with a great husband. I love being there for him at any moment. My kids definitely need someone here to set them straight every moment of every day. Some think I’m crazy but the two years I worked I noticed how my kids have changed…for the worse. I have basically had to retrain them. The beginning of summer was hard. It’s getting better. They both are growing up so fast. I’m glad I get to see every moment.



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