This morning while I was taking “midnight” to the pasture to eat the Holy Spirit showed me something. How many times in your life have you been stubborn? Family, kids, work, etc…
Well, how many times has the Holy Spirit ever spoke to you and you resisted? Either you resisted because of pride, your ego, you were scared, or stubbornness. Whatever the matter may be just know that whatever the Holy Spirit is drawing you to do, there is a purpose for it. We see things in the natural and not the spiritual. God is a spirit and we must worship him in spirit and truth. When you are willing to step out and believe in the unseen and know that your Father in Heaven knows all things; is where you will find that blessing. Sure, midnight knew where we were going. But, he still resisted. Eventually, he will begin to trust me. Eventually, he will know without a doubt that where I am leading him is a green pasture full of all the nessessary things to fill his natual body. Don’t resist anymore. Follow

4 thoughts on “Stubborn.

  1. I snorted when I saw the picture pop up on my blog reader and hurried right over here. It’s amazing how well a calf can buckle to the earth and refuse to move. This brought such memories and a red-faced lesson I need to hear right now. “Oh…that’s me.” Thanks for the gentle nudge and laugh at myself. (I probably look like this stubborn calf). I’m glad I found you.

    1. Hehe! Your quite welcome! Speaking of “Midnight”, the next day my husband went to get him and take him to the pasture and he walked like a dog! I smiled at my husband and said “Your Welcome.”

  2. Even though I LOVE your posts that are all scriptures related to a topic, this was really good and insightful. It’s the way Jesus taught – using an everyday example of something going on right around him and teaching about the ways of God.

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