Fighting the Spirit.

Have you ever fought the spirit? What I mean is has the Holy Spirit ever told you to do something and your soul fights it? Your carnal mind does not want to participate. But you know that the spirit knows what is in store for you.

I have. I have been fighting a certain subject. I kept telling myself that I can not do this certain thing. Two months went by and I was still having that feeling that I needed to go in the direction the Spirit was leading. Well, I finally told my soul (feelings and emotions) to shush And I was going to follow the Spirit. I had decided to tell my husband the news after a certain meeting.

Well, Let me tell you how awesome my heavenly Father is! During that certain meeting my Father fulfilled the desire that had been on my heart for a while. He placed me where I wanted to be.

Once I was willing to walk where he wanted me to walk he says, “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive, and ye shall have. ”

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