Ready! Set! Exercise!

I have been exercising for a few months now but I’ve never really had a routine. I would normally just get on the living room floor and do what ever came to mind. Well, now I have done some research and have made a nightly routine that I can follow. I tell you what??!! It really kicked my butt tonight, especially the arm exercises!

  • First I always stretch. I know, I know, some sites tell you not to stretch before a workout, but I just do a few stretches. You know how when you yawn and you throw your arms up in the air and stand on your tippy toes? That is basically what stretches I do. There is nothing that I hate more than getting a cramp in my calf muscle while jogging in place.
  • Then, thanks to pinterest, I found these awesome flabby arm workouts. I only do the Arm Press with a twist and Standing Diamond. I do have to admit that these things WORK! I felt the burn right away which makes me want to do more of them. Bye Bye Flabby arms. (Make sure you use the water bottles!) Here’s the link.
  • Next I get my boxing on…with the water bottles! I place one water bottle in each hand and punch. Sometimes when I get really into it, I start pretending to duck and weave. -lol- Hey! It gets your heart pumping, that is all that matters!
  • More crunches to work that tummy. Try to do a few more this time.

  • Pelvis thrust! I love these! However, I can not do a bunch of them. They get tough but I feel the burn in my thighs and my abs.

  • 50 leg lifts. I really enjoy doing these and can tell a big difference since I started. These work your inner thighs…you know ladies where it’s like saggy flab. Ugh. These work. Do them and do them now!
  • 25 squats Oohh these are hard. Holding arms straight out and feet apart, bend straight down, then back up. Sure the first two or three are easy but once you get to 15, you are screaming. -lol-
  • Run in place for 5 minutes
  • Next is the lower abdominal leg lifts. I have been doing these things since high school. Well, I remember doing them in high school. Haha. For that lower tummy flab these do work though. Here is a link to the instructions. 
  • More Crunches!
  • Then the best ending REPEAT 3-5 (Arm workouts)

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Firstly, I am a woman Son of God (Rom 8:14) Wife to a Firefighter Mother of three Daughter Sister Friend I am a country girl at heart. My roots are deep. Gardening is my favorite past-time. Photography is in my blood. I am genuine and best of all...I am me.

6 thoughts on “Ready! Set! Exercise!

  1. How often do you plan to do this routine? It might be wise to alternate it it with something else like a power walk and some yoga. I know, some don’t like to hear this, but extreme pain is not productive to exercise. Monitor yourself, know your limits and best wishes on your plan. 🙂

    1. Hey! and thanks for all of your comments! I try to do it at least twice a week. But right now in my life…that seems like a good week. LOL! I know it’s not and it can wear you down easy. I love to walk…when its a tad warmer outside. Couple more weeks of winter…bahhh Humbug! 😉

  2. This is awesome! I think I may take up this routine, too…it looks great! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. Impressive routine. I am starting back at the YMCA for aerobic and strength training. I’ve been on and on doing this since 1967 and find the routine to be very effective. I like your
    sign. It fits just right !

    Peace and love
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

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