Gift Card Holder Craft Idea

Materials –

One Mason Jar/lid


Gift card

hot glue


distilled water

1/2 tsp dish-washing liquid


1. Take the lid and hot glue the card to it making sure you do not get glue on the magnetic strip. Allow it to dry

2. Hot glue any type of embellishment that is water soluble. Allow it to dry at least 15 minutes. I added ribbon to this one so it can float up, but the ribbon I bought was a little heavier and it wouldn’t float really well.

3. Add glitter and float-able embellishments.

4. Fill with water completely.

5. Add 1/2 teaspoon of dish washing liquid to keep the glitter from clumping together. (can also use glycerin)

6. Place the lid on the jar. It is okay if some water spills over. You do not want air bubbles.

7. Screw lid on tightly.

8. Turn jar over a few times to get the glitter and dish washing liquid mixed up. (the soap bubbles will go away)

9. Add your ribbon and decoration.

10. All done! Perfect and unique gift card giver!

(Do not leave the card in the water for longer than a week. This project is best done the night before the party)

(The original idea came from )

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