Do you ever sit back and wonder why?

Do you ever sit back and wonder about stuff?

I wonder why people are blind to the world around them.
Marriages for an example. Why can’t we learn from others mistakes? If that was the case, all Marriage’s would be perfect.

Marriage one is going smoothly. All are happy and they feel truly in love.
Marriage two is horrible. One spouse is miserable, while the other is living the way they want to.

Marriage two separates. Leaving one spouse in an emotional state. Everyone around can see the pain. Yet they keep their distance. They can see why the Seperation happened. They know the truth.

While they sit back and watch how things unfold, couple two gets back together. Their life is better than it was when they got married.

Now, months later, couple one is going through the exact ordeal. On the brink of divorce.

Why are our eyes blinded to the truth around us?

Learn from the mistakes of others.

4 thoughts on “Do you ever sit back and wonder why?

  1. I would often hope that my siblings would learn from my mistakes so that they wouldn’t fail. OK, it didn’t turn out that way. I’ve learned that we all learn differently. It’s the fall that makes us realize we need God, thus bringing is closer to Him. For some, it may take one fall and for others… well, we might end up in the ER till we realize it. All we can do from those that are going through what we’ve gone through is pray for them and counsel them and allow God do what He does best!

  2. Ah Hon, if only it were that easy. Unfortunately, people can’t seem to apply someone else’s experience to their own, and have to learn the hard way. My mom didn’t listen to her mom. I didn’t listen to my mom. My daughter doesn’t listen to me. Each of us thought we were different, our situations different, and chose instead to make our own way, take the hard knocks, and in the end usually find it’s the same. The same applies to friendships. I can see what’s wrong with my friends and can give them great advice that makes sense….I just can’t take it myself. It would be wonderful though if we could.

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