W – O – R – K

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Today, I am totally trying to get my house organized and everything in it’s place and all my homework done and all my online quizzes done. Whew that was a mouth full!

I start work tomorrow! Work…whoa! Those words haven’t been together in a sentence since 2002! I am completely ecstatic about going to work tomorrow!

Work Work Work!!

Gimme about a month and I could be blogging about how much I don’t want to work and I want to sleep late. (I doubt it, though)\

I have class at 8am and once class is over it is off to WORK!

My post might start to become few and far between but please do not leave me. I will soon adjust to having multiple things to do and will be back. But every chance I get, I will be checking up on ya’ll!! >>Hugs<<

Remember: Keep God first, Keep living Simply and Keep exercising!





5 thoughts on “W – O – R – K

  1. Iam proud of you , God is definitly doing something in your life . God can move Mountains if he gets you where he wants you to be. Love you …Have a good day……..tomarrow………

  2. Enjoy your first day at work. Work, can be a wonderful addition to your day. Not mentioning the paycheck to reward you for showing up !
    I found a calling/a passion when I went back to work “temporarily”…it lasted 27 years…may your job fulfill you also.

    ☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine

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