There is so much hate…

(Get ready for this rant. I have to get it out)


This is to a best friend I once had who has turned some of my family against me.

We were best friends 8th grade, 9th grade, and part of 10th grade, (I think). I loved every minute of it. After you quit school we slowly drifted apart. I was dating Shane at the time. He was my new best friend and still is to this day. 10 years later, you made your way back into my life. It was like those 10 years never happened. We had fun, we went out dancing, you were always over at my house. I loved you like you were my sister. I mean, a true sisterly love. I would of done anything for you.

Well, after my few years of being addicted to that game, you stuck around. You seen me go through all the heartache I did. You saw me cry my eyes out. You saw me at my lowest. I thank you for that. I thank you for being there. I loved having you live with me. I loved that you was there so I wouldn’t be alone. I couldn’t be alone then. I was there for you when your Mom died. I did all I could do to take care of you. I tried to make things happier at home. I helped you.

Once Shane came back and my life started to change, I knew for us to have the healing we needed for our marriage, we needed to be alone. (One day when you get married you will understand.) So, we all moved, kind of our separate ways but in the same apartment complex. You was doing your own thing, and so was I. I was going to school and was so glad that you would watch our kids until I got home. But, I always knew something wasn’t right. I could feel the tension. I found out some stuff and I could no longer allow my kids to come over or even associate with you. You were not the same friend I remembered. Something was different.

From that day forward, I knew I had been deceived and lied too. You were no longer that girl I cried with. She was gone. I had to get away. It was like I was running from darkness. I knew the things you were doing and SAYING was not right.

Well, here we are today. You have became bff’s with my sister. (go figure) “Two birds of a feather, flock together!” The crappy part is, you try to rub it in on facebook. But the funny thing is, I know it is all from that darkness in your spirit. I am really sorry for that and I pray that one day you will turn to lightness and realize, just like I have.

In closing, I hope you have a great life and when you do go to California (which I completely doubt) to BE in my sisters Wedding, I hope you have a great time! Also, do me a favor and answer me this, “How does it feel to work for the devil?”


9 thoughts on “There is so much hate…

  1. Ahhh. That feels better now, doesn’t it? So nice to get it out.
    May she go in peace.
    And may you play a song loudly, sing at the top of your lungs, and go with your day. Happily. 🙂

  2. It is very dificult to realize that even our closest friends sometimes change. And not for the better…turning on us. Pray for her, but don’t grieve any more than is absolutely necessary. She may be one of the lessons that come into our lives and then they leave. Sad but true. We never know, from my experience, how long someone will be there for us.
    You seem to be a wonderful and accepting friend who will be there for her if she returns.

    Peace and love, Siggi in Maine

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