Football season is here!


Some days I like football, some days I don’t. However it is fun arguing over who is better than the others, especially with my hubby. It’s cute. He is a die hard Georgia Bulldog fan. I do too, don’t get me wrong. But I was raised up with Auburn. So I cheer for both. Both of their colors are pretty awesome. -lol- I’m such a girl.

Today I have my red and black on. It makes my hubby happy. 😉 Tonight is our date night. It will consist of going out to eat with my family then back home to watch Bulldog football. That’s okay though. 😀 It’s fun. I love him.

4 thoughts on “Football season is here!

  1. Football season is the cuddling up with hubby and talk about what went “down” haha! Loved your post!
    BTW – RTR Always 😛 and you was sporting a shirt (even if it was just for 1 day)

  2. Awww, that’s cute……I personally hate football and let my husband watch the games while I do something else. That’s sweet that you watch it with him. My husband would love it if I did, but nope…LOL

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