Calgon, Take me to JAPAN!

I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. Print directions just in-case you get lost. 🙂 But don’t get them wet in the kayak. Just sayin.

Suggested routes

  1. 9,682 mi, 36 days 8 hours
    I-80 W
Driving directions to Japan
This route has tolls.
This route may have road closures.
1. Head east o toward GA-31 N/US-319 N/US-441 N
0.6 mi
2. Turn left onto GA-31 N/US-319 N/US-441 N
23.3 mi
3. Turn left to merge onto I-16 W
50.5 mi
4. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-75 N/Atlanta and merge onto I-75 N

Entering Tennessee
191 mi
5. Take exit 2 on the left to merge onto I-24 W toward Chattanooga/Nashville
6.2 mi
6. Slight left to stay on I-24 W

Passing through Georgia
Entering Tennessee
131 mi
7. Slight right to stay on I-24 W (signs for Clarksville/Louisville/Interstate 65 N)
3.1 mi
8. Merge onto I-65 N
1.8 mi
9. Slight left onto I-24 W (signs for Clarksville/Interstate 24 W)

Passing through Kentucky
Entering Illinois
176 mi
10. Merge onto I-57 N
51.9 mi
11. Slight left onto I-64 W (signs for St Louis)
71.3 mi
12. Merge onto I-70 W

Entering Missouri
2.6 mi
13. Continue onto I-64 W
39.8 mi
14. Continue onto US-40 W/US-61 N
0.5 mi
15. Take the exit onto I-70 W/US-40 W toward Kansas City

Continue to follow I-70 W
201 mi
16. Take exit 8B to merge onto I-435 N toward Des Moines
28.5 mi
17. Merge onto I-29 N

This road is temporarily closed
Entering Iowa
120 mi
18. Take exit 10 for IA-2 toward Sidney/Nebr City

This road is temporarily closed
0.2 mi
19. Turn left onto NE-2 W/IA-2 W

Continue to follow NE-2 W
This road is temporarily closed
Entering Nebraska
53.3 mi
20. Turn left onto E Van Dorn St (signs for US-77/I-80/Nebraska 2/West Van Dorn Street)
1.2 mi
21. Merge onto US-77 N/Homestead Expy via the ramp to I-80
2.5 mi
22. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-80 W and merge onto I-80 W

Passing through Wyoming
Entering Utah
828 mi
23. Slight right onto I-84 W (signs for Ogden)
39.0 mi
24. Merge onto I-15 N
38.7 mi
25. Continue straight onto I-84 W (signs for Boise)

Passing through Idaho
Entering Oregon
515 mi
26. Take exit 179 to merge onto I-82 W toward Umatilla/Kennewick

Entering Washington
142 mi
27. Continue onto US-97 N
1.3 mi
28. Merge onto I-90 W
100.0 mi
29. Take exit 10 to merge onto I-405 N toward Bellevue
3.5 mi
30. Take exit 14 to merge onto WA-520 W toward Seattle
6.0 mi
31. Take the Montlake Blvd exit
0.5 mi
32. Merge onto Montlake Blvd E
0.3 mi
33. Slight left onto NE Pacific St
0.8 mi
34. Continue onto NE Northlake Way
0.1 mi
35. Turn left onto 6th Ave NE
82 ft
36. Turn right onto NE Northlake Way
1.0 mi
37. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean

Entering Hawaii
2,756 mi
38. Continue straight
0.1 mi
39. Turn left onto Kuilima Dr
0.5 mi
40. Take the 3rd right onto HI-83 W
12.4 mi
41. Continue straight onto HI-99 S/Kamehameha Hwy
6.5 mi
42. Slight left onto HI-80 S/Kamehameha Hwy

Continue to follow Kamehameha Hwy
2.1 mi
43. Take the Interstate H-2 S ramp to Honolulu
0.2 mi
44. Merge onto I-H-2 S
7.9 mi
45. Merge onto I-H-1 E
4.7 mi
46. Take exit 13B toward Halawa Hts. Stadium
0.3 mi
47. Merge onto I-H-201 E
4.1 mi
48. Merge onto I-H-1 E
4.1 mi
49. Take exit 23 for Punahou St toward Waikiki/Manoa
0.2 mi
50. Turn right onto Punahou St
0.1 mi
51. Take the 1st right onto S Beretania St
0.1 mi
52. Take the 1st left onto Kalakaua Ave
1.9 mi
53. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean

Entering Japan
3,879 mi
54. Turn left toward 県道275号線
0.4 mi
55. Turn left toward 県道275号線
361 ft
56. Turn left toward 県道275号線
0.2 mi
57. Turn right onto 県道275号線
0.1 mi
58. Turn left onto 国道125号線
499 ft
59. Turn right onto 県道24号線
0.6 mi
60. Turn left at 千束町(交差点) onto 国道354号線
2.0 mi
61. Turn right at 中村陸橋下(交差点) to stay on 国道354号線
1.0 mi
62. Take the ramp to 常磐自動車道

Toll road
0.3 mi
63. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for 東京 and merge onto 常磐自動車道

Toll road
23.8 mi
64. Take exit 三郷JCT toward 三郷出口・外環・松戸・大泉

Toll road
0.3 mi
65. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for 三郷西出口・外環・大泉

Toll road
0.2 mi
66. Take exit 高速三郷IC on the right toward 外環・大泉

Toll road
0.7 mi
67. Merge onto 東京外環自動車道

Toll road
17.3 mi
68. Take exit 高速大泉IC on the right toward 関越道・新潟

Toll road
0.9 mi
69. Merge onto 関越自動車道

Toll road
47.7 mi
70. Take exit 藤岡JCT toward 上信越道・藤岡・長野

Toll road
0.7 mi
71. Merge onto 上信越自動車道

Toll road
54.3 mi
72. Take exit 高速東部湯の丸IC toward 県道81号線

Toll road
384 ft
73. Take exit 東部湯の丸SA on the right toward 東部湯の丸出口

Toll road
0.6 mi
74. Merge onto 県道81号線
1.0 mi
75. Turn right at 常田(交差点) onto 国道18号線
2.4 mi
76. Turn left onto 県道483号線
0.1 mi
77. Turn right to stay on 県道483号線
269 ft
78. Turn right to stay on 県道483号線
0.2 mi
79. Turn left at 大屋駅前(交差点) onto 国道152号線
2.5 mi
80. Turn right at 下丸子(交差点) to stay on 国道152号線
7.3 mi
81. Continue onto 中山道/国道142号線
0.7 mi
82. Slight left at 大和橋(交差点) onto 大門街道/国道152号線
1.7 mi
83. Slight left
0.1 mi
84. Turn left
0.5 mi

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Firstly, I am a woman Son of God (Rom 8:14) Wife to a Firefighter Mother of three Daughter Sister Friend I am a country girl at heart. My roots are deep. Gardening is my favorite past-time. Photography is in my blood. I am genuine and best of all...I am me.

9 thoughts on “Calgon, Take me to JAPAN!

  1. People have been putting things like this up on their FB status; it’s so funny and random. Because after you’ve kayaked to Hawaii you’re car is just going to be there somehow….

  2. HILARIOUS! I love it.
    I once saw directions (I forgot where to/from) that included “Swim across the Atlantic Ocean” and it was the greatest thing I ever read up to that point. I think Kayak beats swim. This wins.

  3. How you traveled when you got to Japan made me laugh…it was so like when I went there in 1965…. no signs in English…the theory was…if you weren’t t there, they wouldn’t need the signs in Japanese!
    Love the post, and yes, start pumpin’ iron. ☺.And, Add a little blonde to your hair…it will help you in traffic when you get there….at least I found that to be true !
    ☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine

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