My letter’s to God.

After watching “Letters to God” I am moved to write my letter’s to God, even though It is basically praying on paper. But, I thought it would be a neat way to keep track of my prayers through out the years.

I found this website I had to share.

Dear God,

Thank you Father for everything you have given me in my life and all the things you will give me within my life. I love you so much. Thank you for giving me that position in a health-care field. You said If we speak it, it shall come to pass. Lord, I am speaking it today. I know you are all powerful, I know you can make this happen. I want it to be from you God. Everything that has happened in the last year has been from you. We have followed you. I thank you for that today. Thank you for my family who helps me keep my dream of going to school alive. Thank you for Jenna, Lord. You know what is going on in her life, You know what she is dealing with. I just ask that you keep a peace in her home and soften the hearts, Lord. We know that you are there Lord, we know you have her in your hand. Thank you Father. Father, I speak healing in my parents house today. We know that these trials are not from you, we know that Satan is trying to destroy, we bound him today and put him under our feet. We worship you Father, You are our King. We know where you are, the devil will have to flee. You reign over me and my family, Father. Guide them, open their eyes to see you, Father. You are the only way to happiness. I love you. In Jesus Christ..Amen


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