Live Life Simply – Day 3

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Day 3. You’re a biped, walk everywhere. There’s no better way to enjoy the earth than by walking all over it.

“I can totally agree with this however, where I live, I will be walking for days. Okay, I am exaggerating some, but it would take forever to get anywhere. Oh yeah, I can see me walking with one kid on my back and the other dragging behind me. Life would be simple. Not! However, I do love to walk and enjoy the park or some peaceful scenery in the quietness. But, walking all over the earth is taking it a little too far for my likings.”

4 thoughts on “Live Life Simply – Day 3

  1. This one definitely depends on where you live. And who you have to take with you. Hahaha. When I was in university in Halifax, I loooved walking everywhere. And biking. I only used the bus or a cab when I really need it (to go far, or carry lots of things). Walking is okay for the nearest park though, right? Walk those babies on over to the playground, maybe?

    1. I wish we had a playground in walking distance. But however, there is a church down the road where we drive to go play. It’s too far to walk with them in this heat. Sometimes I wish I did live in the city wher everything is walking distance, but then again, I love being out in the country where you rarely see someone. -lol-

  2. Walking barefoot is where I find my peace. Or, better yet…running barefoot.

    What a rewarding way to experience the connection between our ‘sole’ and our Earth!

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