Add music to my blog?

Hey guys! I love clicking on a blog and hearing soothing sounds while I read. I want that! Does anyone know how to add music to my WordPress blog and do you have the links to where I can find that sort of widget? Did I forget to mention a free music player? Yes, it has to be free. -lol-

Thanks in advance!! >>Hugs<<


9 thoughts on “Add music to my blog?

  1. I thought about this, but very briefly. I thought about how much I dislike it when I go to the website and it makes noise/sound. Of any kind. Particularly if I’m at work (and shouldn’t be surfing the net – lol), or playing my own music. Most of the time, it takes me quite a while to find the control to turn it off. Bleh!
    Good luck in your search though. There must be SOMEthing.

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