3 thoughts on “Look into my eyes.

  1. I have no clue what I do lol
    I think I usually look away, but it is because I am thinking, or my brain waves are thinking about something else. lool Im complicated I think, I don’t know?

  2. Generally, I look at the person. The face. Entirely. I’m not a close talker at all, so I generally take a position far away enough that it’s comfortable to make eye contact, and possible to just look at the face.

    It’s a bit uncomfortable to look directly into a person’s eyes for an extended period of time. I tend to switch between the eyes and mouth. Not specifically the teeth, but the movement of lips, especially if I’m having a hard time paying attention or understanding what is being said. The looking in the eyes thing… It seems so intimate. The eyes really do give a lot away. I’ve been told lots of times, by partners, that it’s hard to keep eye contact with me b/c my eyes are so intense.crazy/talkative. Lol.

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