Coffee with Betty?? Of course you want too! *Guest Blog*

Inspiration is what blogging is all about right?

Ronald E. Osborn once said,
“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

It is a breath of fresh air to read some blogs. Sometimes, it seems like you are living the same life, and other times you know how the person feels because you have walked in those same shoes. And sometimes, it really can put things into perspective. Which is what completely happened after reading “Coffee with Betty’s” blog about Friendship. I guess you could say it was one of those Ahh-ha moments.

We all have those different types of friends in our lives. Added up to a whole is what really makes us who we are.

So, without further adieu, My Friend Betty!


Mathematics in Friendship


” *Disclaimer- if you’re looking for a formula or anything math related that will help you with your math homework, you are looking in the wrong place but if you’re bored with your math homework, please read on.



After four years of failed algebra and the same math teacher the first 3 years of high school (don’t judge me), I assure you I learned a thing or two.

Maybe just one- positives and negatives.

Remember that?

  • A positive + a positive= a positive
  • A positive + a negative= a negative (Keep the sign of the larger number and subtract)
  • A negative + a negative= negative

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 20 something years of living is a thing or two about friendship.

Here’s how I take the basics in math and plugged it into friendship-

Let’s say you have a negative Nancy in your life, she never agrees to anything you say or do, she’s always right, and whenever you’re around her you feel worse.

Let’s say you’re an average lad, have good days and bad, you can be negative but tend to stay positive and try to encourage your friends.

I’ve had some negative Nancy’s in my life a few times and at one point of my life, I may have been one myself (hopefully not, but you never know how others view you).

From this equation, it looks like negative Nancy hinders the way you think because at the end of the day, there’s no reasoning with a friend like that. Sometimes we have to let go of the negative Nancy’s in our lives but sometimes they are not only friends but family. So what do you do? I don’t know quite frankly but you should pray about it (I also don’t know about the non family negative Nancy’s just because we all have different tolerance levels).

I remember hearing this as a kid in Spanish- “dime con quien andas, y te dire quien eres”. Translated in English it means “tell me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who you are”. I’m sure you all have heard it before, phrased differently but you might have heard it.

A few days ago I began to analyze the impact my friendships had on me.

I thought about all the friends that are currently blessing me with encouraging words, laughter, prayer, advice, counsel, and mentorship.

Many friends don’t know how much they bless me with just being themselves.

Other friends show me to not take everything too serious.

Others remind me that it’s not about me, it’s about God.

Others remind me to laugh once in a while.

Others show me the wild side of life and make me blush at the thought of it.

They all add to my life in a positive manner.

And when there’s negativity, all the positive covers it.

I forget that sometimes. I forget how blessed I am to have good friends. Friends that I’ve known as a child, other that I’ve made as a teen, and those that I’ve just began forming friendships with- they are all equally important assets to my life for the better.

I only hope that I bless them the same way or more than they bless me.

So I dare you to analyze your friendships. Do they bring positivity or negativity to your life? Have you prayed for them and how can you bring something positive to their life? “



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Firstly, I am a woman Son of God (Rom 8:14) Wife to a Firefighter Mother of three Daughter Sister Friend I am a country girl at heart. My roots are deep. Gardening is my favorite past-time. Photography is in my blood. I am genuine and best of all...I am me.

2 thoughts on “Coffee with Betty?? Of course you want too! *Guest Blog*

  1. Thank God for our friends. I enjoyed reading this post. As you said ,” Sometimes, it seems like you are living the same life, and other times you know how the person feels because you have walked in those same shoes.”
    It amazes me how 2, 3 or more people can think similarly though different in many ways. Mysteries of life.

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