Crazy Woman on the loose!

I’ve missed yall!!!!

Like seriously!! My internet has been off for three days and I have been in the grouchiest mood. I love blogging! It has became a way of life to me. I have definitely been having withdrawals.

The internet technician is coming tomorrow morning to fix the problem. The only reason I think it is working now is because a bad storm rolled in. Go figure. It works when I can’t get on it. But I am so HA!

I have so much to blog about too! I got some gorgeous pictures from my giant sunflowers in my garden, and I took a good photo for The Daily Post’s worn weekly photo challenge. I got a Blog award! Thanks Ruth!   My music challenge. And the other stuff going on in my life.

Of course, I could totally make this a Kitchen Sink Sequel but I won’t. -lol- My brain is going crazy. I guess you could call me one of those enthusiastic writers.  (Wow is that spelled right?!)

Anyway, I have so missed yall and my blog. If my net stays on, I will be flooding WordPress with my post!


Hugz to everyone!!!!!


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