What about me?

Day 21: Favorite Picture of yourself ALL TIME Why?

Behind this cheesy smile my heart was broken. Could you tell? Nope. I was trying to be happy. What you show on the outside will eventually embed itself in your mind. “Fake it till you make it.” was my logo. However, this is a super cute picture of me. I just got those piercings (which I no longer have because they were a phase) I took like a hundred pictures trying to get the best one to post on facebook.

Day 22: What’s in your purse?

Tissue, Pens, little notebooks, wallet, Calgon Hawaiian ginger Body Spray, Bath & Body Works Lotion, Nail file kit, Change bag, sunglasses
Day 23: Favorite Movie

This movie has really had a impact on my life. Just like the movie, we have had our struggles and have reconciled with each other and with Gods help.

Day 24: Something you’ve learned

Respect your Husband and he will show more love and treat you like the princess you want to be.
Day 25: Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs

Kutless, Santus Real, Michael W Smith, Chris Tomlin, Mercy Me, Superchick, NewWorldSon

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